Profit Library

A collection of books handpicked for profit purposes.

This is an essential book for building an understanding of Cashflow and financial literacy.

My favorite book on investing, this book inspired the calculator on this site and the site itself.

My Second favorite book on investing, Peter Lynch shares his investing secrets. My favorite: Don’t buy anything you can’t draw with a crayon.

Another one by Robert Kiyosaki, this one teaches you about the different group of people, moneywise (employee, specialist, businessperson and investor.) A great book.

This book is a little slow, but the ideas in it are important to absorb if you fancy yourself an investor of sorts.

Bob Proctor’s down to earth-analysis shows us that the real secret to being rich is to provide something of real value to a lot of people.

This is a short and easy book all about saving money. It inspired me to put money away in the bank, and maybe it will for you!

This book is impossible to put down. It can teach you about economics in a few hours and, pictures – so many pictures!

Another one by David Bach. This one is all about saving money and being frugal, but not cheap.

A timeless classic. This book has loads of stories about money. Even though it was written almost 100 years ago, many still apply very closely.

This is a great way to learn about real estate if you like pictures.

This is a very funny book that goes through all the fundamentals of personal finance, including savings, insurance, investing and more.

Another Kiyosaki. And no, I don’t work for Rich Dad. I just like the particular books of his that I recommend in this library.

Richard Branson rules. He loves talking about his businesses and how he personally, defying all odds and the laws of the cosmos themselves, made them succeed.

This is the most important book you will ever read. Read it! Read it! Read it!

Teaches you to watch your back.